Cancellation policy: due to the distinctive nature of booking any tutorial/course -via a sole private tutor- once aviability is agreed and the lessons/tutorials have started, payments made toward all the above mentioned are, in essence, non refundable.

Typically, following a first paid trial lesson if an agreement is made and paid for, I am not able to provide refunds to students under any reason of their side.

This might applies both to deposits and any other payments for all courses of private tutoring.

Please, note that refunds are not issued for missed class sessions, course withdrawals, or unused private tutoring hours.

Payment of the relevant tuition fee for an agreed block of time forms an agreement between the relevant parties involved (student, parents/guardians and tutor).

Refunds can only be made if the tuition has to be cancelled as a result of the tutor becoming unavailable, and a suitable alternative tutor not being found.

Students who decide not to continue their tuition part way through a block (through no fault of the tutor) will not be eligible for a refund or part refund of fees.

Students who cancel their tuition before it begins may be eligible for a part refund.

The student has to book a minimum of 10 hours which have to be paid in advance.

Students are advised to consider carefully their circumstances and personal commitments before enrolment as no cancellation or refund will be possible once the tuition commences.

Please, note that a fee refund is possible only if a written cancelation note is received before the start date stated.